EV Charging, better.

EV Charging, better.

EV Charging, better.

Efficient, scalable, and secure solutions for all your electric vehicle charging needs.

For all your needs.

Bolt EV combines state of the art technology with user-centric design to deliver an exceptional EV charging solution. Whether you're managing a large network of public chargers, a fleet of electric vehicles, or providing charging solutions for residential or commercial properties, Bolt EV has the features you need to succeed.

Focus on your business

Building your own EV charging solution takes expertise and lot of resources. Let us take care of all the complexities for you.

Deploy fast

With the Bolt EV battle tested technology, you can launch your EV charging business fast. Real fast.

Build sustainably

Expand your business effortlessly with intelligent energy services and assist the switch to sustainable energy.

Card Payments

Revolutionize your EV charging network with Bolt EV Payments Hub. Universal plug-and-play card payments for existing and new networks. It's magic!

Public Charging

Bolt EV supports Charge Point Operators with robust tools for managing public access chargers.

Business Charging

For real estate, hotels, retail and any service-based business Bolt EV allows you to effortlessly manage your fleet.

Home Charging

Bolt EV simplifies charging for infividuals and residential complexes, providing easy installation, usage monitoring, and remote access features.

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Packed with Features.

White Label

Customize Bolt EV’s advanced EV charging platform with your branding, delivering a seamless and branded experience to your customers. Enhance your market presence and build loyalty with Bolt's reliable infrastructure and state-of-the-art technology

Payments & Billing

Simplify transactions with Bolt EV’s comprehensive payments and billing solution. Support multiple payment methods, automate billing, and ensure secure, real-time processing, providing a seamless and efficient experience for both operators and EV drivers

Load Management

Optimize energy usage and prevent overloads with Bolt EV’s intelligent load management. Dynamically balance the load across your charging network, ensuring efficient and cost-effective operations while maximizing charger availability and performance


Expand your network's reach with Bolt EV’s seamless EV roaming capabilities. Enable drivers to access and pay for charging across multiple networks effortlessly, enhancing convenience and ensuring a consistent, reliable charging experience wherever they go

Hardware Agnostic

Experience ultimate flexibility with Bolt EV’s hardware-agnostic platform. Compatible with a wide range of charging stations, Bolt EV ensures seamless integration and scalability, allowing you to build and expand your EV charging network without hardware limitations

Reports & Analytics

Unlock valuable insights with Bolt EV’s comprehensive reports and analytics. Monitor performance, track usage patterns, and optimize your operations with real-time data, enabling informed decisions and enhanced efficiency across your EV charging network

Remote Management

Ensure peak performance with Bolt EV’s remote management and maintenance capabilities. Monitor, manage, and troubleshoot your charging stations from anywhere, minimizing downtime and reducing operational costs with proactive, real-time interventions


Integrate seamlessly with Bolt EV’s robust public API. Enhance your platform with customizable solutions, ensuring smooth interoperability and expanding your EV charging ecosystem effortlessly, tailored to meet your unique needs

Security & Scalability

Rely on Bolt EV’s robust security and scalability to protect your data and grow your network. With advanced security measures and scalable infrastructure, Bolt EV ensures safe, reliable, and future-proof EV charging operations, ready to expand as your needs evolve

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